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Since 2015.


Heinze Akademie is an EASA Part 147 approved Maintenance Training Organization for Categories A, B1.1 and B2. The institute operates worldwide. In the area of Part 66 trainings and examinations, Heinze Akademie partners with Part 145 Maintenance Organizations as well as with local Aviation Colleges under national approval.

Get in touch with us to discuss opportunities to increase your attractiveness in your local market with approved EASA Part 66 examinations.

  • Approved EASA Part 66 Certificates of Recognition
  • We customize a form of cooperation
  • We adjust our service to your schedule

At a glance.


By offering EASA examinations, you will open the doors to international engagements to your students.


Might you be an MRO employer or a local aviation school, by offering EASA examinations you will increase the attractiveness of your institution.


Start within weeks with EASA examinations with a cooperation. Avoid a complicated and expensive EASA approval.


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